This is the one of the key element that affects both the qualities and prices. Comodo Living provides four different hardware suppliers / brands as selection. 

Hettich - original German made and import to China. Average double to triple the price compare to other brand. Most hardware do have 120,000 times testing. Visit

Grasshopper - original design in Poland and produce in China. Best China Hardware you can find in the market. Min a double less in price compare to Hettich but qualities are similar. Also comes with 120,000 times test on hardware. Visit

DTC - design and produce in China. This brand copies and produces exactly like Hettich. However, there is still minor difference to the German made. Average comes with 80,000-10,000 test on hardware. Visit

SH-ABC - most common brand used in China. In other word, most hardware you see in Fast East is producing by this factory. 80,000 test but really price sensitive. Visit

All 4 brands come with similar products. For instance, self closing slide, blum motion slide and hinges, metal drawer side and organizers. And they all carry similar warranty which is two years. Comodo Living hightly recommend the Brand - GrassHopper. It had been test and used in most of our projects with zero hassles.
Other than most common used wood like Maple, Oak and Ash. Comodo Living is able to access tons of different veneer and lumber. For instance, Teak, Birdnestwood, Brazil Rosewood, Bird eye maple and so on. Together there is all kind of new technique to have different type of engineer veneer.  Please see other link for selection.

Our veneer is very reasonable in price. The mininum thickness will be 0.6mm. And we are able to laminate the veneer on to different type of core. For instance, plywood core, moisture control particle board, multi core or others.            
This should be the best saving that Comodo Living can provide. It should be 30-80% saving compare to what is offering in North America. On the other hand, we are capable to custom made most of the design in all kind of materials.  
However, please note that our kitchen quotation usually do not included the price of handle and knobs.

In order to eliminate any hassles and having the best result, Comodo Living will need the complete floor plan on each projects. 

At most cases, developer or their architect will have the kitchen specification and drawing ready. Since Comodo Living produce all the products from China. Our North America team will need the floor plan in order to re-confirm all the on-site measurement. On the other hand, our associates need all the details to produce our in-house drawing.

Last of all, it will help to verify with final count on ordering quality. We will work a lot closer with the General Contrator if we always have the UPDATE plans.
STEP 5 - DESIGN & 3-D DRAWING (optional)
This is optional and depending on client. Comodo Living is capable to design the kitchen set and producing the layout in three dimension drawing. However, we definite prefer to work with the architect and designer. 

On the other hand, once the client approved on the quote and contract signed. Comodo Living will generate the 3 dimension drawing as SHOP DRAWING for confirmation with designer or architect. 

In every kitchen projects, Comodo Living will require the manufacturer to provide its own shop drawing to verify with our 3 - D drawing. Designer or architect does not need to review such drawing, it is going to be done by our kitchen expert and guide the manufacturer.

After the 3-D drawing approval by the client and our controller sign off the shop drawing with the factory. Factory will first produce one complete set of prototype to confirm all the details. 

It is desirable if the project principle and their designer to confirm the prototype in China. If there is sufficient time, Comodo Living can also ship the prototype back to North America for approval (extra 30 days).

Once the prototype sign off and approved. Production will start immediately. Extra parts and spare units will first produce and shipped. The whole order will be produced all in one batches and store in China. But shipment will be arranged according to the schedule given by the General Contractor. Comodo Living will ensure there is no delay during the whole process and ship just in time. 

Different arrangement can be set based on the request from General Contractor.

As you can see in the diagram, this is a special packaging that we design for shipping kitchen cabinet. Not only it will protect the entire casing, but also extra protection for all the corners and easy to unpack. It will also maximize the rooms in the container in order to save cost. 

This is optional again. Depending on provience and city, Comodo Living works with North America Traders and Installer in Kitchen Business. We will provide the services of unloading the trailer, re-orgamize all the goods according to rooms and distribute into each site accordingly. We will also un-packed and dump all the packing materials. 

We also have very experience installers to cover projects at most of the West and East Coast of Canada. Comodo Living will be in charge to manage the installer team on site and report directly to the General Contrator or Site manager.
No difference than any local kitchen supplier in North America. We will have a final inspection together with the Site Manager or General Contractor. Our project manager and the master installer will run through the checklist to ensure the entire installation meet our standard. 

Comodo Living honor one year LOCAL warranty to all our kitchen products. Parts & Products warranty will also honor by the kitchen manufacturer in China. All flight and shipping are included. One the other hand, if we contracted as the installer, the warranty will be on-site repair. Every 3-4 weeks, our maintenance team will be back on site to do any repair with all the cabinet that we supplied and installed.