Q1: Other than buying from local suppliers and a reputable brand, what is the reason I need to take risk and buying from China?

Ans: - Comodo Living has dealed with this particular mattress manufacturer over 5 years to various projects.
          - This manufacturer has been supplying mattresses world wide for projects with almost zero claim.
          - This manufacturer has been an OEM factory producing for "SIMMONS" and supplying lot of projects in Far East.
          - Client is looking at 50 to 100% in saving with the SAME mattress.
Q2: How can I ensure the quality is the same and meeting North America Standard?


1) In house manufacturing all the coils. Subject to client request by using different gauge of metal and producing different double tempered pocket coil, bonnell coil, innerspring system and more. 

2) "SIMMONS" technology and standard has been using in every single production procedure. In every department, there is independent quality controller to ensure each component meeting the standard.

3) All the raw materials bought will be tested by the lab to ensure it reach the special requirement on each mattress. No matter from the padding, fabric to metal. Factory will ensure the quality meet the specification.

4) Factory had accumulated over 10 years of experience manufacturing mattresses for all kind of International Brand. You will be benefit with this knowledge. That is they know the details, specification and requirement on most of the mattress lines producing in the industries. 

This  particular factory has his own lab to ensure their quality meeting the North America Standard in different requirement.

The most common test is the compression test. This is ensure and knowing how  long the mattress can last without changing the shape. We all know the foam will be compressed. The higher the density, the better it last. And for the coil is depending on coil count and gauge of metal, interlock between coils and how well it put together in one pieces. This is all the elements that this lab is looking for. 

The other important issues to this lab is finding out the fire combustion factor. Factory understand that mattress  considers as high risk products in hospitality business. It need to pass all kind of regulation and law in different countries. As a result, factory do his own lab test which is similar to any independent lab test to ensure your mattress will meet the government standard and passing any  requirement. 


SGS LAB TEST - Mattresses was tested in accordance with 16 CFR 1633 and 16 CFR 1632 - Standard for the flammability of mattress. Please see the following link for details :

Q.A. International Certificate - ISO 14001:2004. As QA International issues annual registration certificates, such certificates will cease to be valid after the end of May 2006. QA International will continue to work with customers on transition from the old to the new standard and any specific queries may be addressed to the QAICL local representative office (International Offices). Please see link for details:
Q3: I am still not convinced, local supplier will give me all kind of service and warranty? Beside they have long reputation and my hotels had been dealing with them for years.

We are not against North America Supplies. Beside, Comodo Living used to be a case goods manufacturer in North America. We are only here to provide another options that may fit your needs with the following reasons:
1) Cost saving (50 to 100+ %), but need to compare apple to apple
2) Our factory honor 5 years manufacturer warranty. And so far, zero claim for last few years
3) Comodo Living is a North America company which provide the local service like any other local supplier. Our representative will be at your place arranging all the details and honor the warranty right on site. 
4) Comodo Living is trying to provide one-stop-service and supply for your convience. We will arrange shipment directly from China to your site while taking care all the arrangement, duties, custom and others.
Q4: What type of material are using for the ticking / covering?

Since our supplier is an OEM factory which able to custom produce for anyone. The factory has source for any kind of fabric. However, factory would highly recommend the "Deslee Clama" fabric supplier from UK. Please see their link in details.

Q5: Show me some mattresses and prices that you had been supplying.