In most cases, project owner will assign their designated designer firm works with Comodo Living directly. Designer will provide their products' specification and drawings, including materials and any special requirement as you see in the drawing at the left.

However, Comodo Living also has its own crews and engineers, specialist in carpentry, upholstery, lighting, electrical, structural and more. We are capable to start with floor plan, design a unique theme for different projects. By knowing the materials available in China, and having different prototype team in all kind of factories, Comodo Living should able to recommend or design a much cost effective products while maintaining at good design and quality.

Please understand that Comodo Living is not a designing firm. It is a group who has both the North America and China production knowledge and representing different factories. The goal is bringing in the best products from China while maintaining the best quality at the best price.

STEP 2 - 3D DRAWING (optional)
This is optional and subject to projects. Comodo Living is able to create a 3 dimension layout and floor plan on each project. We will put in the similar colors and textures on every product according to designer drawing and specification. Together the dimension of each product is up to scale. 

Comodo Living had successfully designed and made few small projects. Once again, we are not in the position to be the designing firm or contracting firm. We are only a one-stop-supplier. We believe we have the right knowledge to work very well with the General Contractors and Designers in North America.

This is the most important step on every order we process.

Prior to any production or making any prototype, our in-house policy is first producing a SHOP DRAWING. This shop drawing will need to be reviewed by the designers, project principle or the general contractor for APPROVAL. Once it is approved, we will use the same drawing explaining all the details to the factories and their master. Due to the gap of culture between China & North America, this will eliminate any communication errors or others.

Together, we will also supply material's sample and ship from China direct to North America for approval.

Only after approval on shop drawing, Comodo Living will start on production. There are different phases for production. And we do quality control out of the whole production. Please refer to the link and check out the quality control & order processing for details.

Client or his representative can come to China to inspect the final prototype or batch. However, we will provide quality control report with pictures during the whole processing. We will always have final measurement on each product in the report. 

Ideally, we work with the installer in North America directly. And usually, we have our own installer in Canada to double confirm the on-site measurement.

Last of all, all the factories with Comodo Living come with one year manufacturer warranty on all the products. Comodo Living will in charge with all the shipping and delivery to site.

Comodo Living will arrange door to door delivery for each project. That included in-land China shipping, consolidate shipment & clear custom in China, arranging oversea shipper, declare and pay custom & duty in North America, arraning in-land shipper from port to site. 

Comodo Living also works with different trade and contractor in Canada. In certain city and province in Canada, we should able to arrange local installer or general contractor to take care the entire project while supplying from China. And of course, everything will come with reasonable warranty if Comodo Living in charge of the installation. 

Comodo Living carries over CAD 10 million insurance to cover the general liabilities and product liabilities. And most electrical and plumbing products come with cUL or cUPC certificate to meet the Canada Standard.